Gombani village, district of Chake Chake, Pemba Island

To contribute to the improvement of the health status of mothers and children living in Gombani and in its catchment area, in the district of Chake Chake and, more general, in the island of Pemba.

Provide an assistance and the provision of free drugs to mothers and children who go to the Dispensary Gombani, but also for mothers and children reached by the mobile clinic service.

Carrying out health education to mothers on major diseases that affect children and mothers themselves.

€ 30.000/year approximately
Private donors, City of Cles (TN)
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Provision of assistance to mothers and children conducted without additional services of the local hospitals.

The dispensary for the care of mothers and children in the village of Gombani was started in 2003 by Ivo de Carneri Foundation Onlus in collaboration with the St Andrew's Clinics for Children (Glasgow, UK), registered charity in Africa supports various dispensaries of mother and infant to a local management.
The Dispensary Gombani in fact, is run entirely by local staff - under the supervision of the Foundation Ivo de Carneri non-profit organization and the St Andrew's Clinics - free and served as part of the national health system.
Currently the medical staff / health care consists of four nurses, a health worker, a laboratory technician, a pharmacist, a secretary and a driver. The structure consists of a waiting room, an office for the registration of patients, two clinics, a room dedicated to the care of trauma and wounds, a room for the collection and distribution of drugs, a small laboratory for the analysis of blood and a warehouse for the storage of medicines. Since the dispensary offers outpatient services, there are no beds for inpatient.
Since 2004 there is also the service of the mobile clinic, or a vehicle equipped with basic medical equipment and essential drugs, which allows you to reach the most disadvantaged of the island and then to provide assistance to people who find it difficult to access other appropriate care.


The idea of restructuring of the Dispensary maternal-infant Gombani, which in 2002 was still in a state of almost abandonment was born from the realization of the serious deficiencies in assisting mothers and children in the District of Chake Chake. With the direct involvement of its decentralized branch in Zanzibar, the Foundation has proposed to the Ministry of Health to restore the local structure.

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