Fondazione Ivo de Carneri ETS > 20 years

20 years

The Foundation works to fight against infectious and parasitic diseases in developing countries, and supports research on the socio-economic factors which are essential to the health and progress of the community.

The Ivo de Carneri Foundation is non-profit organization, founded in 1994 by family, colleagues, and students in memory of Professor Ivo de Carneri, a capable and generous man who made ​​a great contribution to the fight against infectious and parasitic diseases through scientific research, in-field interventions, and training of young researchers.
Today marks twenty years together for the improvement of public health in Pemba, to be pursued as the main tool to fight poverty: this improvement has included the strengthening of operations and training on-site personnel. Twenty years together in support of scientific research and young researchers working in the field of infectious and parasitic diseases, twenty years together to bring about progress in the community of Pemba.

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