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Opportunities for Research

The support of scientific research, as an essential component of healthcare development, is an integral part of the mission of the Ivo de Carneri Foundation. The Foundation promotes research aimed at the identification of new methods and strategies to fight tropical parasitic diseases, and one of the ways that it achieves this is by supporting the activities of the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri in Pemba (Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania). Analyses done at the PLC-IdC on Pemba mainly focus on diseases afflicting the populations of Tanzania, and more generally sub-Saharan Africa, such as malaria, parasitic intestinal infections, schistosomiasis, cholera, HIV/AIDS, etc.
The results of research done on Pemba Island in collaboration with international institutions can also be applied in other countries suffering the same diseases.

The Foundation also supports scientific research by:

  • granting awards to young students and researchers;
  • organizing conferences and workshops on parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • publishing scientific articles and books.

Application Form

For those who may be interested in proposing a research project at the PHL-IdC, attached in the request form.


For those who may be interested in a training period or internship regarding Master or PhD thesis research, requests for information must be sent to the Director of PHL-IdC.


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