Mission of Erminio Albertario – Pemba Island – Zanzibar Archipelago (U.R. of Tanzania).

Erminio Albertario, agronomist, expert in tropical, subtropical agriculture, crop production crops and irrigation systems, already a valuable collaborator for years of the Ivo de Carneri, left again in early February with destination Pemba, anticipating a stay of at least three months.

His ever-generous availability will enable the Foundation, once again, to achieve important goals. Erminio will follow different activities on behalf of the Foundation, representing it:

  • Follow office activities within the Foundation;
  • Will be the "bridge" between Italy and Pemba, with continuous exchange of information;
  • Follow up on current projects and future projects in the start-up phase;
  • Coordinate the maintenance of the Public Health Laboratory;
  • Maintain relations with the "District of Chake - Chake," (as part of the twinning with Cles).

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