Agreement between Istituto Ivo de Carneri and our Foundation

The Foundation Ivo de Carneri Foundation and the Istituto Ivo de Carneri di Civezzano (Trento)  plan start a collaboration lasting and effective. In compliance with the guidelines of the curriculum, of course engage students and faculty of the Institute Ivo de Carneri in the activities and projects of the Foundation with the following objectives:
  • Expansion of training through the involvement of members in school teaching plans and experimental work that they see the two actors of this agreement;
  • Organization of meetings, exhibitions, seminars, etc. to contribute to the growth of school children and the dissemination of knowledge of the activities of the Institute and the Foundation Ivo de Carneri Ivo de Carneri in Trentino;
  • Exchange of knowledge and teaching practices between the two institutions;
  • Starting a business communication in Trentino, centered on the figure of Professor Ivo de Carneri and what he managed to convey in human and professional values with particular attention to its scientific and educational.
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