1994-2014. Vent’anni insieme

Fondazione Ivo de Carneri event 14 dicembre 2014 – 7 gennaio 2015 Sala della Colonna - Palazzo Assessorile Cles (TN) Twenty years of activity described in a rich photographic journey that tells incisive experience in international cooperation also conducted in close contact with the City of Cles and the Autonomous Province of Trento. We were able to do much with the support of these institutions: the Laboratory of Public Health, headed to Ivo de Carneri and integral part of the health system in Zanzibar and reference center for monitoring and evaluation of national plans for Disease Control ; a Twinning Cles-Chake Chake created to deepen the understanding between the two communities and to strengthen cooperation in agriculture, education and health, administrative services, also seeking direct contacts between companies, organizations, institutions and citizens; a series of integrated projects in the health and socio-economic: the Safe Water project to project to project Breeding Agriculture still in progress, in the belief that a step forward in the fight against poverty is to take a step forward in the fight against disease and in the improvement of health conditions. And so much more we want to do. Come and see us and we will tell you more.

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