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Currently the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) is the main cooperation and training project of the Ivo de Carneri Foundation.

The Ivo de Carneri Foundation, in collaboration with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health, oversees the management of the scientific activities of the PHL-IdC. The Foundation is part of the PHL-IdC Commission and supports the Laboratory through:

  • assistance in the implementation of public health interventions and applied research studies;
  • organization of environmental rehabilitation projects;
  • scholarships to local staff;
  • technical and administrative support from Italy and to Pemba through external experts.

Since the beginning of its activities, inaugurated officially on 12 June 2000, the Foundation has been offering various opportunities in research, containment, and treatment of diseases that affect the community, including:

  • coordination of studies on the population and preventive and curative interventions against disease;
  • quality control of malaria and tuberculosis diagnoses;
  • studies on the prevalence and effectiveness of therapies and on the feasibility of preventive interventions for schistosomiasis and intestinal parasites;
  • studies on malnutrition and on the effects of dietary supplementation with respect to motor skill development in children in areas with malaria and intestinal parasites;
  • quality control of water, which has allowed for a prompt and effective response against cholera epidemics;
  • collection of epidemiological data on the diffusion of diseases, necessary for prevention and treatment plans and to monitor their effects;
  • training of both local and international personnel.

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