The district of Chake Chake
To make the best economic and social condition of the district of Chake Chake through the improvement of local cattle farms, particularly in terms of genetic improvement for the purpose of production in terms of quality and quantity of milk and meat.
December 2009 – March 2014
€ 93.510
Provincia Autonoma di Trento
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Project for the improvement of cattle breeding techniques on Pemba Island (Zanzibar)
Within the framework of the Twinning signed in 2004 between the City of Cles (TN) and the District of Chake Chake (Pemba), two veterinary of Pemba were hosted in Cles from January to April 2008 to receive a training in the field of livestock breeding (Phase 1). The two vets have worked closely with veterinarians of Trentino in various activities and have learned techniques that will improve the breeding of cattle in the territory of Pemba. Phase 2 of the project, which in turn was born and developed within the Twinning, arises as a natural continuation of the training phase of the two veterinarians and aims to increase the production of cow's milk, which is currently limited and insufficient to meet demand.
Much of the population of the district of Chake Chake live in rural areas, where a small farming practice the cultivation of rice, bananas and cassava. About half of these families also practiced the breeding of livestock, mainly cattle, the primary source of sustenance and income. This practice would have a high potential for lack of infrastructure and training of the people who are far from being adequately exploited.The breeding aimed at producing milk for Pemba is relatively recent, dating back to the eighties, and now breeding in the District of Chake Chake appears to be the main source of income: to improve the health of animals and refine breeding techniques, means significant benefits to economic conditions and the health of the inhabitants of the island.

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